about the photographer-what inspires me

I have three beautiful children, and they are what inspired me to start my own photography business. I graduated from UNCG with my Bachelor's Degree, and then my middle son was born and was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer. I began documenting his journey through photography. and it soon became a creative outlet for me. I decided to become a business and share my passion with others. We are so blessed to be able to say he is now cancer-free, but that experience really showed me how important it is to capture and preserve images of your loved ones and cherish the connection you have with your family. 

1. I am a HUGE animal lover, and I have three dogs, two ducks, a chicken, two guinea pigs and a chameleon named Rio! 
2. I will NEVER say no to tacos!
3. I have an obsession with plants and my house is slowly turning into a jungle.
4. I love to travel and will use any excuse to head to a brand new place!

5. I have a dream to start my own flower farm (and of course use it for sessions).
6. I love horror movies, Netflix binges, and great books.
7. I can NOT sleep without a fan on!
8. I cry at almost every single wedding I shoot- emotional first looks and first dances always get me! 

fun facts

I believe that my clients deserve to preserve their emotions in ways that live on forever, and that every in-love couple need amazing photographs of their wedding day that they can look back on for years.

 I believe that connection and emotion are so important, and that's why I love photographing weddings. 

I put my heart and soul into my work, and I hope that the images I create help my clients feel the same emotions they felt on the day they were taken.

We Believe